Ana Grossinho (CEng, DIC, MSc, PhD, FIAQM, MIES)

Ana is the Founder and Director of AQEG Ltd which offers a wide range of air quality and Odour services to its clients of choice across the globe.


Her team spans across Europe, Canada, US, the Middle East and Asia and delivers pragmatic, innovative and sustainable solutions.


Her main drive is in delivering high standard and cost effective services to her clients, whilst mentoring and fostering career progression of her staff.


She insures the team delivers robust air quality and odour reports in time and budget, whilst securing compliance with European, national and local legislation, policy, and guidance which protect the environment and safeguard human health.













Ana contributed to the response to the Mayor's 2020 vision for London having been responsible for the air quality section and its presentation to the Mayor's Advisory Committee in December 2013.


She was distinguished by the World Experts organization WHO is WHO as the PROFESSIONAL of the YEAR (2014).


Ana has been the main or contributing author of a number of research papers, legislation, strategies and guidance publications including


UK  National  Air  Quality  Strategy - 2007 - Defra


Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC


Institute of Air Quality Management Planning Guidance for Local Authorities 


Implementing Provisions for compliance with the INSPIRE Directive


Best Practise Guidance on Location and Classification of Monitoring Stations, EC


Best Practice Guidance on Design of Low Emission Zones in European Cities, EC