Over 30 years of experience in the field of Air Quality Assessment


Dr Grossinho is a highly experienced senior Technical Director in the field of Air Quality monitoring, modelling, and management, with track record of attaining objectives and secure robust, timely and within budget deliverables to clients.


She is a chartered Environmental Engineer specialised in Air Quality impact assessment and compliance. She studied at Imperial College where she achieved an MSc in Environmental Technology - air pollution - supervised by Professor Helen ApSimon and a PhD co-funded by NASA in applied physics on the usage of air quality monitoring, modelling, and remote sensing technologies to assess forest decay due to air pollution.



She is an internationally recognized expert in Air Quality, being a passionate and inspiring communicator of best practice in this field. Ana has been an invited expert to the European Commission Data Exchange Group and European Environment Agency since 1996 having led key air quality monitoring facilities and observation data pilot studies involving various Member States.

Ana contributed to the drafting of the current AIR QUALITY directive and its subsequent Implementing Provisions and has been developing innovative work on SEIS/INSPIRE compliant technologies for air quality data harvesting, management, reporting and dissemination to the public.




Her experience as a Senior Scientific Policy Advisor at Defra at the Air Quality Division, Standards and Assessment Branch, Department of Environment, Food, and Regional Affairs (Defra), Central Government, UK (2002-2006) has enabled a vast application of the policies and techniques required to attain compliance in both planning and Local Air Quality Management. She worked on and provided expert advice on air monitoring, modelling and reporting issues related to ambient air quality and emissions, and contributed to the UK Air Quality Strategy Review 2007.


Whilst at Defra she represented the UK at various EC working expert groups including Low Emission Zones definition, vehicle pollution emission legislation (Euro 5 and 6), and air quality monitoring strategies.


Ana worked closely with Local Authorities and DfT to develop and promote grants to facilitate air quality improvements in their areas of jurisdiction.




Dr Grossinho has spent three years as a senior researcher at the Imperial College Department of Epidemiology and Public Health working on projects funded by Defra and the Department of Health. She worked on the Rapid Inquiry Facility of the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU) and was responsible for the development of an award winning personal exposure module (NEAM) sponsored by EPSRC.


She used advanced dispersion models integrated with geographic information systems to map environmental pollution levels and used statistical analysis to study correlation with health outcomes.




Dr Grossinho worked for global consultancies for ten consecutive years having directed, managed and delivered several successful environmental impact air quality chapters and stand-alone reports for key clients. Studies in her portfolio include


Residential planning applications

Mixed use planning applications

Energy Centers and Stack height determination

Student Accommodation

Air Quality and Ecological Impact Assessment

Public Exposure for new applications

Construction Environment Management Plans

Highways schemes

Powerlines impact assessment

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Odour Assessments

Energy From Waste Assessments

Permitting of industrial installations

Local Authority Air Quality Management and reporting

Local and Regional Air Quality Strategies

Local Action Plans

Travel Plans

European Commission Pilot studies on air quality reporting

Reporting of near real time monitoring data using online technologies

Remote sensing technologies applied to monitoring of air polution

Design and Implementation of Air Quality Monitoring networks

Mapping of environmental constrains using advanced geographic Information systems

Experience of providing and facilitating public consultations and workshops





Ana contributed to the response to the Mayor's 2020 vision for London having been responsible for the air quality section and its presentation to the Mayor's Advisory Committee in December 2013.


She was distinguished by the World Experts organization WHO is WHO as the PROFESSIONAL of the YEAR (2014).


Ana has been the main or contributing author of a number of research papers, legislation, strategies and guidance publications including


UK  National  Air  Quality  Strategy - 2007 - Defra


Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC


Institute of Air Quality Management Planning Guidance for Local Authorithies 2015


Implementing Provisions for compliance witht the INSPIRE Directive


Best Practise Guidance on Location and Classification of Monitoring Stations, EC


Best Practice Guidance on Design of Low Emission Zones in European Cities, EC



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